Mikaela Shiffrin and the “I Am”

If you've been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics at all (it's on constantly at my house thanks to my being married to an Olympics fanatic) you've probably heard the name Mikaela Shiffrin a few times. This 22 year old is one of the best skiers in the world today and she's a favorite to take … Continue reading Mikaela Shiffrin and the “I Am”

Choose Life for Sanctity of Human Life Day

You may have been unaware, but yesterday, January 21st was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Today, January 22nd, marks the 45th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the famous legalization of on-demand abortion. Back in 84' Ronald Reagan declared a national holiday called Sanctity of Human Life Day. In recent years, evangelicals have adopted the 3rd … Continue reading Choose Life for Sanctity of Human Life Day