This blog is dedicated to informing and teaching the members of FBC Pineland and the surrounding community. As pastor, I get some opportunities throughout the week to speak truth to my church, but there is always more to say. This digital outlet is intended to speak on relevant issues as the need arises in order to remind the church to think biblically on all areas of the human experience.

I want to say first that I do not have all the answers and nothing I say is the final word on anything. I endeavor to speak faithfully on behalf of Christ and His Written Word. My intentions are to bring biblical teachings and principles to bear on all areas of life. That being said, I could very well be wrong on something. I strongly support the free exchange of ideas and I hope to  be always developing my beliefs and changing them if necessary in order to more tightly confirm to the Word of God. I will speak strongly on issues for which I hold strong convictions and I will speak with sensitivity (I hope) for those issues which require it. Our churches and our culture desperately need to hear the redemptive, restorative, and unifying Words of God. I hope to be a voice to carry those word to my readers.